Wise Millennial
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Wise Millennial

Learn How to Change Your Habits, Detach from Messed-Up Values, and Live a More Authentic, Meaningful Life
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Peter Noble Darrow
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*GOLD AWARD WINNER* -- Nonfiction Authors Association

★★★★★ -- Readers' Favorite
"Lively, appealing, and instructive; perfectly targeted to the millennial demographic." -- Kirkus Review


Find your inner happiness!

Are you tired of people telling you to "be happy"? Are you exhausted from dating apps? Do you feel lost or overwhelmed in your personal, professional, or romantic life? Do you think you should be farther along at this point in your life?

In this unique and fascinating book, Peter Noble Darrow presents brutally honest stories and insights into his generation that will make you feel more connected, balanced, and fulfilled.

Wise Millennial is broken into sections by themes covering a wide range of topics, such as dating, money, privilege, entrepreneurship, wellness, positivity, failure, loss, and detachment. It will help you develop a stronger ‘sense of self’ and provide you freedom to live a more authentic, meaningful life.

In Wise Millennial, you will learn:

  • How to navigate the trappings of wealth, privilege, societal expectations, and the real cost to your psychological health

  • How to overcome heartbreak when dealing with the loss of a parent, a failed relationship, or an unsuccessful business endeavor

  • Strategies to escape from comparing yourself to others and fear of being judged

  • The unique world of online dating and how to cultivate more meaningful relationships

  • How millennials can break free from their parents’ outdated values and their self-obsessed egos so they can discover their personal truths and live fulfilling, authentic lives

Wise Millennial will save you years of stress and confusion from your life. Start noticing real results with greater confidence in very little time.

What is stopping you from achieving greater fulfillment and balance in your life? How many more hours will you spend on dating apps trying to find connection? How much more money do you need to earn before you give yourself permission to be happy?

Break unhealthy habits that no longer serve you.


Follow the advice in this book and discover your true inner happiness. You are a #wisemillennial!


Don't wait another day. Begin your journey today.

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