My Friend Doc is a Veterinarian
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My Friend Doc is a Veterinarian

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Betty Fulcomer
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Have you met the ten year old who wants to be a vet?She came into my library a few years ago. We hadn’t met before, but she was quick to tell me about her learning style, what she does for fun and why she thinks she’ll be a good vet, including how to care for an animal with a skin infection. Speaking with her, it was as if I were talking with a young version of my veterinarian, Dr. Shananne Edwards, DVM. All l wanted to do was to say, “I have a book for you.”My Friend Doc is a Veterinarian has fifty-one color photos, fifteen chapters, and a glossary. Dr. Edwards (Doc) has worked with 4-H groups and animal rescues. As you’ll see in the book, she visited my classroom to compare understanding of animal health to the mealworms and manducas the students were studying. She agrees that meeting a person in a profession you admire when you’re young may give you the desire to pursue that years later.Author: I am the Co-Director of the all-volunteer Pinedale Public Library in Pinedale, Arizona. After retiring from teaching, the normal pursuits of kayaking, reading and walking in the woods were apparently not enough. I wanted to learn how a National Forest was managed so I wrote My Friend Kate is a Forest Ranger in 2010. Now there’s My Friend Doc is a Veterinarian.There’s always more to learn: Yesterday, Sirah needed annual shots and a rattlesnake venom booster. I didn’t know that each shot is given in a particular place so that a reaction to one can be easily determined.Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and Ebook.
Table of ContentsSumimasen. 1Doc’s Early Years. 3Doc Gets Buster Brown. 5Claude’s Story. 7Claude Part Two. 12Doc in High School and College. 14University of Arizona. 16Sirah’s Story. 18Vet School 23Surgery Day. 26Valley Fever Center for Excellence. 37Golden Retriever Rescue. 40Dog Shows. 41Herding. 45Claude Part Three. 57Glossary.