Jesus comes to Jingletown
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Jesus comes to Jingletown

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Trujillo Dale
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Jingletown is a real place in American history where Dale spends his dramatic childhood.Dale shares his poignant memories from tear-laden trials, from falling in Love to many other changes that took place upon his "unwelcome return from Vietnam".At the tender age of 13, Dale was entrusted with the care of his terminally ill little sister.Dale witnessed the death of his little sister when she passes away at the age of 6 years old in 1963.Dale also tells of the fascinating characters that he knew in the 1950s growing up in Jingletown.Upon dale's return from Vietnam, Dale's whole world went upside down, his wife leaving him and it seems his country also left him. Life was over for Dale at the age of 21, he decided to end his life, but then he remembered the day Jesus came to Jingletown."Jesus comes to Jingletown" will bring hope to the ones who lost a loved one and to our Veterans.
Introduction 1 1. Jingletown 3 2. A Father Called Jim 127 3. Weeping Tears 146 4. On The Mountain 170 5. Young and in Love 179 6. Vietnam Years 223 7. Betrayal Hurts 288 8. Hiding Behind the Mask of Alcohol 305 9. The Greatest Miracle 317 10. New Beginnings 380 Other Titles from Parakletos Publishing 395