The Expiration Date
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The Expiration Date

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V.L. Arias
1, The Expiration Date
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We all live knowing we'll die someday, but what if we all lived knowing the exact date of our death?

Life hasn't changed much on the quaint street of Gardenia way since the release of Expiration Dates seven years ago. Though most are still coping with knowing the exact date they'll die, neighbors are still neighborly, lawns are still edged to perfection and Jeremy Bryson and his wife still throw the best parties. Their latest, their young son's funeral reception. A death they prepared for every day for the past six years.

While the couple struggles with the loss of their son, Jeremy keeps himself busy by intruding on his reclusive neighbor's rocky marriage. With an Expiration Date looming over the couple, Jeremy becomes obsessed with trying to fix Sandra's chaotic life after her husband walks out on her, their three kids and the one they have on the way. He eventually earns a role as a stand-in husband and father. 

While paying house with a different family, Jeremy discovers a solution that would repair the loss he and his actual family endured when his son, Austin, met his Expiration Date. A solution that leads him down a both honorable and vicious path.