The Summer Between
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The Summer Between

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Amanda V Linton
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Seventeen-year-old Cleo Porter begins her senior year hiding behind her camera, taking pictures of a world of which she’s not really a part.Too loud and much too tall, Bebe Blattner bursts into Cleo’s life. She lives every day to its fullest – as if it’s her last. Over the course of one fateful year imprisoned in their private Christian school, the girls unite against cruel rumors and tragic news, growing increasingly closer. A bond is formed that will change the course of both their lives.But the future is not always bright. Fate is not always kind. The values you are taught as a child might not always stand the trials of growing up. The people you care about most might not always be with you. What matters is how we can best live each day – and how to keep going when the unthinkable happens.A heartwarming novel of nostalgia, of family we’re born into and family we choose, of the ways in which we grow and leave things behind. Can Cleo emerge whole on the other side of the summer between?