Save Your Life Now
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Save Your Life Now

Your Health is in Your Hands
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April Schulte
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Do you feel powerless in your quest to live life to its fullest because you aren't feeling well? Are you frustrated by our health care system that matches prescription drugs to every symptom, and overwhelmed trying to figure out what your options are?
In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Schulte shows you how her pioneering approach to integrative medicine can put you in the driver's seat to achieving your healthiest life possible.

When you read this practical, easy-to-follow book, you will be able to:

connections between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health.
Understand how integrative and collaborative medicines can help you identify and treat root causes of your illness.
Gain independence from health insurance and pharmaceutical companies.
Feel more comfortable with combining complementary medicine with conventional medicine.
Establish your own path to feeling vibrantly healthy and full of energy.

If you are ready to Save Your Life Now, you'll want to read this valuable guide.
Foreword ixPreface xiiiAcknowledgments xxiIntroduction 1Chapter 1. Why Conventional Medicine Alone Does Not Work 3Chapter 2. The Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection 19Chapter 3. Traditional Chinese Medicine 25Chapter 4. Benefits of Integrative and Collaborative Medicine 45Chapter 5. Key Therapies in Integrative and 57Collaborative MedicineChapter 6. Your Emotions and Your Health 83Chapter 7. Climbing Out of a Health Hole 95Chapter 8. Digestion, the Center of Health 99Chapter 9. Finding the Delicate Balance to Achieving 107Optimal HealthChapter 10. Snapshots of Integrated Health Solutions 115Chapter 11. Take Back Your Health Care Power 125Chapter 12. The Staggering Costs of Health Care 133Chapter 13. A Dying Patient’s Perspective on 135Integrated Health SolutionsIndex 145