Youngins Vol 1.
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Youngins Vol 1.

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Pen Morrow
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Four friends Nia, Jane, Kim, and Shawn find themselves stumbling through life as they adjust to adulthood after grad school.  As if life isn't hard enough when the past comes knocking on the door to present life the group is turned upside down completely.Jane is dealing with what happened to her in college the best way she can, but when a ghost from the past pops back up in her life she begins to slowly unravel.Nia is lost when her plans to be a big-time magazine editor doesn't exactly go as planned she is forced to take whatever she can get. Kim finds herself in a compromising position with a man who doesn't belong to her. To make matters worse he is her father's business partner and trusted within her family. Their secret won't stay a secret long when she is blinded by wanting what she can't have.Shawn is successful. He is attractive and has his life together or so it appears. He has everything that he could ever want except for the love of his life, who is fighting him every step of the way. Things get crazy when he finds another to fill the void, but still can't let go of the one he really wants.