Snowballs For Severance
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Snowballs For Severance

The Terrifically True Story of Dane Best and the Snowball Ban
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Richie Frieman
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“The mayor told us about crazy laws,” Dane said, including the one forbidding snowball throwing. “So, I wanted to do something about it." 

A law in Severance, Colorado contains wording that makes it illegal to throw snowballs. Can you imagine not being able to throw snowballs? Let alone in Colorado, where is snows five months out of the year? That was the case until 9 year old Dane Best decided to make a change. Needless to say, overturning an almost 100 year old snowball ban was no easy task. Where do you even begin? Who would listen to a nine year old?         

Despite all odds, Dane Best was able to make history. This book is the real life true story of what can happen when someone decides to stand up for what they believe in.