The Forging of a Prophet
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The Forging of a Prophet

The Church of Men will be Shaken
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Tom & Marianne Kapinos
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Join us on a riveting supernatural sojourn of visions revealing snippets of evidence connected to five murdered co-eds from Gainesville, Florida, in 1990. A subsequent airplane ride to Florida with a television producer, film crew and a parapsychologist followed in an attempt to locate the murder weapon.

From the wrong side of the supernatural realm to the incalculable spiritual and prophetic learning acquired at the feet of prophetic giants at MorningStar Ministries and beyond. 

Numbered among the humorous, serious, heartbreaking, and some downright scary anecdotes include the first prophetic word received detailing the writing of this book, allowing our readers a glimpse into who we are and what we are about. 

To be clear, my wife and I have never before written a book, nor are we teachers or scholars, or pastors, nor have we been accorded the accolades of men. The credentials we possess are our experiences with God and being fully known by Him. These experiences, more valuable than anything the world has to offer, are the reason we share them with you throughout this narrative. 

Our pilgrimage navigates the treacherous waters prophets struggle to swim and survive within the church today. Shining a light on the ignorance, unnecessary fear, envy and, in some cases, abuse will be recognized by all those with prophetic gifting endeavoring to find their place within the political church.  

Tom recounts a ministry time modern-day Ananias and Sapphira episode that will have all God’s servants paying close attention; and when God placed our little Fellowship in the shadow of one of Catholicism’s greatest treasures it was definitely not for the purpose we assumed.

Finally, it is no coincidence the earth is experiencing an uptick in both the number and magnitude of earthquakes. In the Bible when there were major events such as Jesus' crucifixion, when His tomb was opened and when Moses received the Ten Commandments, just to name a few, the earth quaked. Tom shares a timely prodigious prophetic message, from the Lord, for the church today exemplifying His absolute Love for His bride, and all of humanity.

The psychic/supernatural visions, leaving the church and our struggles within the church are all experiences had by us and shared within our narrative to illustrate the trials and tribulations we walked through as God molded us for His purpose. They are steps in a journey. The Gainesville murder visions were an introduction into the spirit realm of which we were unfamiliar. It comprises a very small portion of the book.

Striving for worldly possessions and a "top of the heap" mentality was tempered as we lost a once successful business, our home and additional properties. Our ministry and Fellowship did not rise to the level of what today's religious circles would consider successful, which was all part of God's plan for us. Today's church is focused upon money, power and control of the people, and they are not readily apt to give a message that would jeopardize their position, prestige and control.

The major themes of our book are represented by fire, the anvil, hammer and sword. Just as metal is thrust into a fiery furnace, laid bare upon an anvil,  pounded out, plunged into cold water and repeated, again and again, until it is a finely honed and sharp two-edged sword, is exactly the purging, purifying and perfecting process God puts His prophets through. 

The church of today, as we know it, will be changed. Judgement comes first to the house of God and Jesus will return to a bride without spot or wrinkle or division. If we would properly judge ourselves now, we will not be judged. Even so, many are called out of the world and will gravitate to the institutional church, but few are chosen to Sonship. Jesus said, "Come out of her, so that you be not partakers of her sins."

THE DOOR                                                                                                                                                       GAINESVILLE 


LOOK TO ME                                                 

LEAVING OUR COMFORT ZONE                                                                                                                   SMASHING THE CHAINS                                                                                                                              DUNAMIS POWER                                                                                                                                              TOM’S TESTING                                                                                                                                                            POLITICS IN THE CHURCH                                                                                                                    SURRENDER