Healing Revelations
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Healing Revelations

See Life In It All
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Brittney J. Lyons
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A revelation is something that has been shown to us, however, revelation does not come to life unless we are able to see it and understand it.  The enemy wants you to believe that it is so much easier to give up than to press forward, to be sad than to fight for happiness, and to even give in to fears instead of facing them.  He wants you to think that you will never become free from heartache and pain.  These negative thoughts causes confinement and bring about hurt, disappointment, painful memories from the past, frustration, fear, doubt, and unbelief.  How can one heal from brokenness, you ask? The answer is found in the name of JESUS!  Jesus died on the cross so that you don’t have to live a life full of pain, and He desires for you to live a life of abundance (John 10:10).  God has given me several nuggets, that He inspired me to call Healing Revelations. These nuggets are gifts from God, with the aim of helping you to heal, live and grow no matter what situation you may be faced with. This devotional-style book will encourage you to declare these Healing Revelations over your life.  Treat them as declaration statements, because the healing will only come as you receive, believe, and speak out.  My friend, IT’S TIME TO HEAL!  THERE IS LIFE IN IT ALL!
Acknowledgements IntroductionHealing Revelation 1: I Am HealedHealing Revelation 2: I Am ForgivenHealing Revelation 3: I Speak Life Over Every Dead PlaceHealing Revelation 4: I Am FreeHealing Revelation 5: I Don’t Have to be Afraid Because I’ve Got God’s PresenceHealing Revelation 6: I Can Handle ChangeHealing Revelation 7: God is Perfecting My FaithHealing Revelation 8: I Have a New MindHealing Revelation 9: I Am Pregnant with God’s PromisesHealing Revelation 10: I Am Not Who I Used to BeHealing Revelation 11: I Have What It Takes to WinHealing Revelation 12: I Yield to God’s VoiceHealing Revelation 13: I Have a Purpose for LivingHealing Revelation 14: I Am Not Bound by the Wound pt. 1Healing Revelation 15: I Am Not Bound by the Wound pt. 2Healing Revelation 16: I Am Not Bound by the Wound pt. 3Healing Revelation 17: Reader’s Choice