Accidental Life
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Accidental Life

Purposefully Stumbling into Meaningful Existence
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Jim McCracken
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I am writing while “exiled” on Patmos, the very same Greek island on which the Apostle John received and penned the Apocalypse...a mystical place that I could never have foreseen or planned as the setting for composing my book. An apparent “accident” of fate. But fate has nothing to do with it.The author’s black-and-white Midwest childhood escapades graduated to full-color worldwide wanderings, crammed with intriguing cross-cultural adventures to satisfy nostalgists and avid travel readers. Accidental Life is a memoir, but reads like a novel. It’s story, not timelines. Then, why not make it a novel? Because as it is, it proves the old adage that truth is often stranger (and more charming) than fiction. Why his life? How many single lives include the crazy admixture of small town Tom Sawyer-like exploits, getting hijacked and unintentionally forgotten in Iraq, competing in collegiate sports, working in the NFL, speaking to crowds, flying planes, rock climbing, living on a Turkish mountaintop and a Greek isle, rescuing people in peril, helping numerous people die, and finally selling the house and “Breaking Good?”The author invites the reader along on a journey of life. A coming of age story...and beyond. A multi-cultural road trip, if you will. The twists, coasting, crashes, and stopovers along the route may themselves reveal a curious path to real life – Accidental Life. This is not a book of teachings…although it potentially teaches. This is a book of stories…personal, real, varied, some funny, some sobering, hopefully all entertaining, touchable, and provocative.
A Magical SettingWhat Is This Book?Part One: THE SILLY YEARS      Inglorious Accidents      Romantic Hardhead      Street Cruisers      KO’d in Detroit      Second Fiddle’s Fine      The College Experiment      A Thundering Velvet HandPart Two: MORE SERIOUS TIMES      Hitchhiking and Hijacked      Presidents and Pygmies      Family Planning      Acapulco Gold      Home Sweet Hospital      Inner-City Slaughter      A Skeleton from the Closet of My Personal Journal      In Camp with the Kurds      A Man’s Been Shot!      Career Development      Helping People Die      Helping People Get Hitched      Big Bending      Success in ReversePart Three: SEASON OF SERENDIPITY      Breaking Good      A Season in the NFL      Seconds of Turkey      Good Dog Bad Dog      Son of the Highlands      Exiled on PatmosPoetry in Motion