Giving God Ultimate Love
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Giving God Ultimate Love

Over-The-Top Mega Love
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Bukky Agboola
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Do you have what it takes to give God ultimate love? This is the important question Bukky Agboola challenges all of us to explore. God desires that love become our highest goal. Giving God Ultimate Love will help you

 Discover the meaning and source of ultimate love

 Learn how Jesus and others expressed ultimate love

Gain practical insights into obedience, worship, and love

Full of valuable guidance and thought-provoking questions, Giving God Ultimate Love inspires us to greater love of God. “Over-the-top, mega love” of God not only brings innumerable blessings to our lives, but also enables our spirits to overcome life’s most difficult adversities and trials.

Prologue vii

Dedication and Acknowledgments ix

Trust and Obey xi

1. Giving God Ultimate Love! 1

2. Finding True Love in a Broken World 13

3. Why Did God Create People? 21

4. Ultimate Grace Deserves Ultimate Love 37

5. Jesus, Our Perfect Model for Giving God Ultimate Love 49

6. A Passionate Praise Dance for God Ends a Royal Marriage! 57

7. This Leader Takes Things to a Whole New Level 69

8. Worshipping God Is Showing Him Mega Love 77

9. Giving God Our Obedience Is Loving Him 89

10. Uncommon Obedience Produces Uncommon Blessings: Abraham 97

11. Where Is “All” the Love? The Rich Young Ruler 107

12. All of My Help Comes from God: The Poor Widow 119

13. No Pressure, There’s More! 127

14. Successful Leaders Love God with Their All: Deborah and Anna 133

15. Mary’s “Yes” to God Paved the Way for Us All 143

16. Sacrificial Worship Brings Deliverance: Paul and Silas 147

17. Ultimate Trust in God Yields Ultimate Fruit: Hannah 157

18. Offerings of True Devotion: Elizabeth and Zechariah 167

19. Extravagant Love Produces Extravagant Worship 175

20. In His Presence I Daily Live 185

21. He Fills My Every Longing 197

22. True and False Lovers 207

23. More Than a Song 215

24. Job’s Unsurpassable Lesson on Giving God Ultimate Love 231