Mending Broken Connections
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Mending Broken Connections

10 Simple Strategies to Restore Communication in Relationships
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Denise Healy
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Are you and your partner no longer as close as you once were?Do you find yourself arguing with your spouse or partner over the smallest things? Have you begun to question whether you share the same values and beliefs?If you are struggling with these issues, you have probably reached a stalemate. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn proven ways to improve your communication and strengthen your relationship.Mending Broken Connections offers simple steps you can take to minimize tension and resistance, spark new conversations and create a deeper connection. Once mastered, you can use these strategies to develop healthy ways to communicate with your partner and other important people in your life. When you read this invaluable guide, you will learn how to:
Regain the closeness you once felt with your partner.
Actively listen and verbalize what you are thinking.
Let go of the illusion of power and control over each other.
Activate your problem-solving abilities, and more.