The Next Great Deity
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The Next Great Deity

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Millard Crow
1, The Next Great Deity
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"Even the gods watch reality TV."

The producers of the multi-universe hit THE NEXT GREAT DEITY claim that their reality show is filmed in Heaven, but neither of the abducted human contestants on its latest season can bring themselves to believe that. Theodore Flores, a gay, atheist musician chasing a recording contract, and Robin Alleyne, a christian english teacher working out of Honduras, find themselves bound by their shared humanity amid a cast of monsters and demigods.

They must put aside their theological differences to unravel a new world that’s too mystical to be Earth and too steeped in human vice to be the afterlife. On their quest to understand the show—and, by proxy, Heaven itself—they encounter a cast of surreal allies and antagonists, perversions of mythology, and a reality TV prize too good to be true: the chance to become a god.

Part delightful blasphemy and part rumination on the creative process, THE NEXT GREAT DEITY is the start of a novel series that pits a memorable cast of characters against each other in absurd, humorous, and metaphysical mayhem.