Your Credit Defines Your Creditibility
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Your Credit Defines Your Creditibility

The Genetic Make-up of Credit
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Briggs Chayo
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As a highly successful real estate investor for over eighteen years, Briggs is driven to obtain the highest standards for his clients. His achievements as an effective motivational speaker and published author were developed from his life experience. Through those exceptional skills, he learned the art of passive income. Chayo can assist his clients in procuring their prosperous

future, breaking the chains of financial distress.

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability is designed as a pathway to understanding what contributes to an excellent credit rating. We know such issues are daunting, but you may need to borrow money from a lender. We need to understand and learn that the concept of good credit defines our creditability, so we must work to delete toxic accounts such as collections, inquires, charges-offs public records. Therefore, having a good credit score will make the process easier.

Your credit score determines two things that can affect your loan approval. First, lending money entails risk, and lenders need to know you are reliable. Second, your credit score determines the terms of your loan.

Briggs understands the key to success comes through life experience; for that reason, he assists clients in procuring their prosperous future, breaking the chains of financial distress. His advice on credit and finance has been featured in numerous books and magazines, such a Courbee Revolucion Magazine, Enjoy Life Magazine, Nuestro Mundo, Curvy Girls Slay Magazine, Changing Lenses Magazine, The Ultimate Black Man Magazine, Queen-size Magazine, Diva Naires Magazine, Just For Me Magazine, Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment Magazine,

G-Entertainment Magazine and numerous other publications.

Table of Contents




Disclaimer 3

Acknowledgments. 4

Author Bio. 8

Preface. 10

Introduction. 11

Chapter One: Your Credit Profile. 12

Chapter Two: What is Credit?. 21

Four Types of Credit 21

Why Do You Need Credit?. 22

Chapter Three: Side Effects of Bad Credit 25

What is Debt Collection?. 29

Debt Scams. 33

Bankruptcy. 44

Bankruptcy Schedule C.. 59

Chapter Four: How is Your Credit Score Calculated?. 64

Chapter Five: Hard and Soft Credit Inquires. 82

Credit inquiries. 82

Chapter Six: Bank Accounts and Credit Scoring. 87

Chapter Seven: Debt vs Income Ratio. 93

Chapter Eight: Dealing with Negative Credit Issues. 96

Chapter Nine: Credit Report in Minority Environments. 117

Chapter Ten: Fixing Your Credit 122

Chapter Eleven: Dispute an Error 145

Chapter Twelve: Identity Theft 161

Credit Fraud Prevention Kit 171

    Consumer Resources. 176

    History of Credit Bureaus. 179

Equifax Inc. 179

Experian plc. 184

TransUnion. 191

Glossary. 194

References. 219