Nothing Is What It Appears To Be
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Nothing Is What It Appears To Be

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Shanaya Hassaan Ali
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“I just want the truth to be known on what’s intentionally hidden, not talked about, and misunderstood.”

                                                                                                 - SHANAYA NOUR HASSAAN ALI 

In this raw autobiography, you go on a journey of determination to find the truth. Shanaya is from Harlem New York and struggled with being attacked mostly in her sleep for the majority of her life by what is commonly referred to as spirits or jinns. There were many nights she went to sleep and then found herself forced into a paralysis state by something invisible and then abused in the most confusing way. They punched, choked, fondled, molested, and manipulated her mind. Her mother, knowing that her child was not crazy turned to a spiritual worker for help, which is where the story begins. Unfortunately, Shanaya was taken advantage of by this woman, which led her to go on a journey in search of the solution to her unique problem. After a long and intense hunt for the truth she figures it all out and what she uncovered took her by surprise.

Something in Nothing Is What It Appears to be is bound to challenge something within you. It's Entertaining yet mind blowing at the same time.

I have laid out my journey to spiritual freedom in detail! I didn’t hold back! All of my personal struggles and secrets are revealed!



The Journey Begins 


Two Peas Looking for a Pod

Change of Heart


The Unexpected Connections

Sucked Back Into an Old Mess

A Permanent One Hundred and Eighty Degree Turn

Light at the End of the Tunnel 


Shanaya Hassaan Ali words for her readers