Utopia and Dystopia in the Age of Trump

Utopia and Dystopia in the Age of Trump
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Images from Literature and Visual Arts
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Barbara Brodman
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Utopia and Dystopia in the Age of Trump
focuses on utopias and dystopias that either prefigure or suggest alternatives to the rise of individuals such as Donald J. Trump and the changing conditions of America we now see around us. These topical studies provide compelling reading for both the general reader and the specialist.
Utopia and Dystopia in the Age of Trump: Images from Literature and Visual Arts
treats literature, film, television series, and comic books dealing with utopian and dystopian worlds reflecting on or anticipating our current age. From Henry James’s dreamlike utopia of “The Great Good Place” to the psychotic world of Brett Easton Ellis’s
American Psycho
, from science fiction and recent horror films, television adaptations of books such as Margaret Atwood’s
The Handmaid’s Tale
, and new series such as
Black Mirror
to the repressive Hitlerian dystopia of Katherine Burdekin’s
Swastika Night
, the contributors examine the development of scenarios that either prefigure the rise of individuals such as Donald J. Trump or suggest alternatives to them. Ultimately, one might say of the worlds presented here, viewed from different social and political perspectives: one person’s utopia is another’s dystopia.

This is the fifth in a series of books edited by Barbara Brodman and James E. Doan, and published by Rowman & Littlefield with Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

The Universal Vampire: Origins and Evolution of a Legend
Images of the Modern Vampire: The Hip and the Atavistic
(both in 2013) focused on the vampire legend in traditional and modern thought.
The Supernatural Revamped: From Timeworn Legends to Twenty-First-Century Chic
(2016) examined a range of supernatural beings in literature, film, and other forms of popular culture.
Apocalyptic Chic: Visions of the Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse in Literature and Visual Arts
(2017) dealt with legends and images of the apocalypse and post-apocalypse in film and graphic arts, literature and lore from early to modern times, and from peoples and cultures around the world.

Barbara Brodman and James E Doan

Chapter One — Getting Off: Henry James and Writing Utopia

Dan M. R. Abitz

Chapter Two — Poison in the Ear: Lessons of Literary Alt-Narratives for the Trump Era

Christine Jackson

Chapter Three —

The Search for Sustainability Transitions in Science Fiction Futures

Jeffrey Barber

Chapter Four — Resurrecting and Adapting

A Wrinkle in Time
in the Age of Trump

Emily A. O’Dell

Chapter Five — The Medium is the Massacre: Deceit, Desire, and Patrick Bateman’s Trumpian Dystopia

Daniel Adleman

Chapter Six — “Horror Movies are Already Telling the Story” …of Trump’s America

Todd K. Platts and Kibiriti Majuto

Chapter Seven — Beautiful and Damned:

Tech Noir
, Neoplatonism, and Existential Crises in
Bladerunner 2049

Sue Matheson

Chapter Eight — Feminism-Reboot in

Mad Max, Fury Road
and Hulu’s
The Handmaid’s Tale

Kate Waites

Chapter Nine — Architectures of

: CDMX as Setting and Character in Mischa Rozema’s Short Film

Raúl Rodríguez-Hernández and Claudia Schaefer

Chapter Ten — X-Men Saga and the Dystopian “Otherness”: Race, Identity, Repression and Inclusiveness in the Mutant World

Elisabetta Di Minico

Chapter Eleven — Hang the DJ:

Black Mirror
in the Age of Trump

Matthew Paproth

Chapter Twelve — Through the Eyes of the Wardens:

Judge Dredd
under the Shadow of Trump

Tom Shapira

Chapter Thirteen — Grab ’em by the Seeds: The Regressive Utopianism of Trumpism in Katherine Burdekin’s

Swastika Night

Ryan Farrar

Chapter Fourteen — Diverse New World

David L. McNaron

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