Randall Knives
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Randall Knives

Rare, Unique, & Experimental
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Robert E. Hunt
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This is the third book in a collector's series on Randall Made Knives, by Robert Hunt. These publications reflect the author's interest in the historical role that knives have played and he has documented their use during the wars of the 20th Century. This volume introduces the rare, unique and experimental knives of W.D. Randall, many either made or designed by him. The initial section explores knives from the Randall Museum, where over 50 images reflect the commitment to design innovation, which was and is still today, a hallmark of Randall Made Knives. The second section contains knives from a private collection, which was uncovered by the author. Interestingly enough, the knives in this grouping have roots in some of the "museum" examples and various designs can be found in Randall early "experiments" displayed in the museum cases