The Immortal
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The Immortal

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James Lawson
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The Immortal is a fantasy about a boy who can remember his past lives, going back hundreds, even thousands of years.At the age of seven, the boy realizes he can understand a language that he’s never heard before. Gradually, he remembers a whole different life in another country. He has barely processed these memories when an earlier life and another language comes to him.
As he grows older, he remembers more and more lives, always in a different body. He remembers wives, husbands, children, parents, friends, enemies, his life as a slave, a doctor, a soldier, a shaman, a witch, a head hunter, even a temple prostitute.
Physically, each life starts out fresh and ages normally from birth to death. Mentally, he bears the weight of centuries of experience, even in the body of a child. And with each life, he renews his quest to find someone like him. This life gives him a unique opportunity.