Embracing Love's Healing Touch
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Embracing Love's Healing Touch

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Robert Stirling
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Rebecca Abbott is a caregiver at a retirement village who is still haunted by the trauma of her past, one that has left her unwilling to trust men and hesitant to engage with the world. Living in a small cottage in Nova Scotia, she struggles to be happy. But now her world is about to change. A chance encounter brings Rebecca into contact with David Webster, a man she knew in college. Now a widower, David is living with his parents and his twin daughters on the family farm. David and Rebecca meet again at the retirement village, where David’s grandmother is one of Rebecca’s patients. Although they are drawn to one another, David’s grief and Rebecca’s reticence with men prevents them from acting on their attraction. But faith and fate may work to bring them together in spite of their pain. Meanwhile, a runaway teenage boy named Jeremy searches for a way to survive and finds refuge in an unexpected place on the Webster’s family farm, an event the local embittered gossip, Irene Hanson, must investigate, no matter the consequences because street kids killed her son. Set in the villages of Nova Scotia, this novel tells the story of four wounded souls who are thrown together as they deal with fear and bitterness in an attempt to find love.