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Alcohol, Nutrition, and Health Consequences

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Ronald Ross Watson
Nutrition and Health
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The data-driven resources provided here are a vital aid to healthcare professionals needing to know the causes, and types, of nutritional changes due to alcohol use. The book reviews specific areas of alcohol-related damage resulting from nutritional changes.

Chronic alcohol use is associated with heart, liver, brain, and other organ pathology.  Alcohol is a drug of abuse and a caloric food and it causes poor intake and absorption of nutrients, thus playing a major role in many aspects of clinical consequences. Alcohol use lowers consumption of fruit and vegetables, lowers tissue nutrients, and, in some cases, requires nutritional therapy by clinicians.  Alcohol, Nutrition, and Health Consequences will help the clinician define the causes and types of nutritional changes due to alcohol use and also explain how nutrition can be used to ameliorate its consequences. Chapters present the application of current nutritional knowledge by physicians and dietitians. Specific areas involving alcohol-related damage due to nutritional changes are reviewed, including heart disease, obesity, digestive tract cancers, lactation, brain function, and liver disease. In addition, alcohol’s effects on absorption of minerals and nutrients, a key role in causing damage are treated. The importance of diet in modifying alcohol and its metabolite damage is also explained.

            Alcohol, Nutrition, and Health Consequences is essential reading for alcohol therapists and researchers as well as primary care physicians and dietitians and is an easy reference to help the clinician, student, and dietitian comprehend the complex changes caused by direct and indirect effects of ethanol at the cellular level via its nutritional modification.

Section A: Overview and General Nutrition during alcohol use

Chapter 1: Alcoholic and Nutrition: an Overview

Francisco Santolaria

Emilio González-Reimers

Chapter 2: Genetics of alcohol metabolism

Vijay A. Ramchandani

Chapter 3: Laboratory models available to study alcohol and nutrition

Nympha B. D'Souza EL-Guindy

Chapter 4: Ethanol-induced lipid peroxidation and apoptosis in embryopathy

Robert R. Miller, Jr.

Chapter 5: Alcohol Use During Lactation: Effects on the Mother Infant Dyad

Julie A. Mennella

Section B: Nutrients and Foods as modified by alcohol

Chapter 6: Moderate alcohol administration: oxidative stress and nutritional status

Lorenzo Leggio

Anna Ferrulli

Giovanni Addolorato

Chapter 7: Alcohol use and abuse: Effects on Body Weight and body composition

Stefan Gaździński

Timothy C. Durazzo

Chapter 8: Alcohol Nutrition and health inequalities

Adrian Bonner

Margherita Grotzkyj-Giorgi

Chapter 9: The effect of diet on protein modification by ethanol metabolites

Simon Worrall

Chapter 10: Vitamin B12 deficiency in alcoholics

Alberto Fragasso

Chapter 11: Alcohol American Indians/Alaskan Natives and Alcohol: Biology, Nutrition and Positive Programs

Felina M. Cordova

Michael H. Trujillo

Roger Dale Walker

Section C: Nutrient Effects on Alcohol Metabolism

Chapter 12: Metabolism of Ethanol to Acetaldehyde in the Rat Mammary Tissue. Inhibitory Effects of Plant Polyphenols and Folic Acid

Gerardo Daniel Castro Jose Alberto Castro

Chapter 13: Dietary zinc supplementation and prenatal ethanol exposure

Peter Coyle

Brooke Summers-Pearce

Carina J. Cowley

Allan M. Rofe

Chapter 14: Tocotrienol and cognitive dysfunction induced by alcohol

Kanwaljit Chopra

Vinod Tiwari

Chapter 15: Soy Products Affecting Alcohol Absorption and Metabolism

Mitsuyoshi Kano

Norihiro Kubota

Chapter 16: Oats supplementation and alcohol-induced oxidative tissue damage

Christopher B. Forsyth

Yueming Tang

Robin M. Voigt

Turan Rai

Ali Keshavarzian

Chapter 17: Fish oil n-3 fatty acids to prevent hippocampus and cognitive dysfunction in experimental alcoholism

Nataliya A. Babenko

Chapter 18: Alcohol in HIV and possible interactions with antiretroviral medications

Marianna K. Baum

Sabrina Sales-Martinez Adriana Campa

Section D: Alcohol interactions with foods

Chapter 19: Popular energy drinks and alcohol

Erin C. Duchan

Chapter 20: The psychological synergistic effects of alcohol and caffeine

Ambereen Ameer

Ronald Ross Watson

Chapter 21: Alcohol and Smoking: A correlation of use in youth?

Meghan Denning

Ronald Ross Watson

Chapter 22: Are there Physiological Correlations between alcohol and tobacco use in adults?

Cynthia Lee Ronald Ross Watson

Chapter 23: Alcohol, HIV/AIDS and Liver Disease

Tamsin A. Knox

Logan Jerger

Alice M. Tang

Section E: Alcohol and chronic diseases

Chapter 24: Nutritional status, socioeconomic factors, alcohol and cataracts

Vaishali Agte

Kirtan V. Tarwadi

Chapter 25: Alcohol Intake and High Blood Pressure

Amy Z. Fan

Yueren Zhou

Chapter 26: Alcohol and dyslipidemia

Indrajit Chowdhury

Chapter 27: Dietary antioxidants in chronic alcoholic pancreatitis

Mirosław Jarosz

Ewa Rychlik

Chapter 28: Alcohol consumption, lifestyle factors and risk of type 2 diabetes

Martin D. Stricker

Henk F.J. Hendriks

Joline W.J. Beulens

Chapter 29: Alcohol, overweight, and obesity

Sasiwarang Goya Wannamethee

Chapter 30: Nutrition alcohol and anorectic and bulimic adolescents

Konstantina Magklara

Chapter 31: Viral infections and cancer during alcohol use

Małgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka

Section F: Cancer as modified and induced by alcohol

Chapter 32: Ethanol and hepatocarcinogenesis

Helmut K. Seitz

Felix Stickel

Chapter 33: Alcohol, diet and their interaction in colorectal and urinary tract tumors

María Marta Andreatta

Aldo R. Eynard

Alicia Navarro

Chapter 34: Alcohol, acetaldehyde and digestive tract cancer

Satu Väkeväinen

Mikko Salaspuro

Chapter 35: Alcohol Intake and Esophageal Cancer: Epidemiologic Evidence

Jill C. Layton

Jianjun Zhang

Section G: Alcohol and liver diseases

Chapter 36: A Nutritional approach to prevent alcoholic liver disease

Samuel W. French

Chapter 37: Nutraceutical potential of indigenous plant foods and herbs for treatment of alcohol related Liver damage

Vaishali Agte

Upendra Raghunath Gumaste

Chapter 38: Alcohol and nutrition as risk factors for chronic liver disease

Stefano Bellentani

Claudio Tiribelli

Giorgio Bedogni

Chapter 39: Alcohol-related liver disease: Roles of insulin resistance, lipotoxic ceramide accumulation and endoplasmic reticulum stress

Suzanne M. de la Monte

Chapter 40: Nutrition and alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: The significance of cholesterol

Munechika Enjoji

Kenichiro Yasutake

Motoyuki Kohjima

Makoto Nakamuta

Chapter 41: Dietary fatty acids and alcoholic liver disease

Takayo Kawakami

Yasuko Murakami

Misako Okita

Chapter 42: Nutrition in alcoholic steatohepatitis

Juan Caballeria

Javier Michelena Jose Altamirano

Chapter 43: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and vitamin A

Gabriela Villaca Chaves

Wilza Arantes Ferreira Peres

Suzanne M. de la Monte