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Magnesium in Human Health and Disease

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Ronald Ross Watson
Nutrition and Health
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This book provides current research on the potential benefits or lack thereof for normal and high supplementation with magnesium, and provides new results that suggests how levels above the recommended intakes can promote health and treat various diseases.

Magnesium is an essential mineral which is required for growth and survival of humans. Since magnesium is a mineral and not synthesizable it must be obtained through dietary foods and/or supplements. Magnesium in Human Health and Disease reviews the benefits of magnesium supplementation to reach recommended intakes as well as provides new research that suggests how reaching levels above the recommended intakes can promote health and treat various diseases. Magnesium deficiency can cause low serum potassium and calcium levels, retention of sodium, and low circulating levels of regulatory hormones. These changes in nutrients cause neurological and muscular symptoms such as tremor and muscle spasms. Further magnesium deficiency causes loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, personality changes and death from heart failure. Causes of magnesium deficiency include alcohol abuse, poorly controlled diabetes, excessive or chronic vomiting and/or diarrhea. Thus the effects of inadequate and deficient intakes or levels of magnesium is critical to health and are reviewed by the expert clinicians in this book. Magnesium in Human Health and Disease provides the most current research to support the potential benefits or lack thereof for normal and high supplementation with magnesium.  Animal model research and early human trials are reviewed to document other disease states such as hypertension, cholesterol level, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease that would benefit from increased magnesium.

Section A  - Introduction and mechanism of action


1          Clinical Assessment of Magnesium Status in the Adult: An Overview        

Adel A. A. Ismail

            Yasmin Ismail, MD, MRCP

            Abbas A Ismail, MSc, MD, FRCP


2          Dietary Mg Intake and Biomarkers of Inflammation and Endothelial Dysfunction  Simin Liu

            Sara A. Chacko


3.         Magnesium Role in Cytokine Regulation  of Hypoxic Placentas Related  to Certain Placental Pathology     

Tamar Eshkoli

            Valeria Feinshtein

            Alaa Amash

            Eyal Sheiner

            Mahmoud Huleihel

            Gershon Holcberg



Section B – Magnesium Status in Disease                   


4          Magnesium Links to Asthma Control      

Alexandra Kazaks


5          Magnesium and Kidney Disease

Ioannis P Tzanakis

            Dimitrios G Oreopoulos



6          Magnesium Intake, Genetic Variants, and Diabetes Risk       

Yiqing Song

            Cuilin Zhang

            Lu Wang

            Qi Dai

            Simin Liu



7.         Magnesium Deficiency in Type 2 Diabetes       

Dharam Paul Chaudhary


Section C – Magnesium Supplementation and Disease


8          Magnesium and Metabolic Disorders     

Abby Duffine

            Stella Lucia Volpe


9          Magnesium and diabetes prevention     

Akiko Nanri

            Tetsuya Mizoue


10        Magnesium Supplementation and Bone           

Hasan Aydin


11        Protective Functions of Magnesium Salts in Cancer Patients           

Gabriel Wcislo

            Lubomir Bodnar



Section D – Cardiovascular Disease and Magnesium                  


12        Magnesium and Hypertension     

Mark Houston


13        The Role of Magnesium in the Cardiovascular System

Michael Schecter

            Alon Schecter


14        Vascular biology of magnesium– implications in cardiovascular disease

            Tayze T Antunes

Glaucia Callera

Rhian M Touyz


15        Intravenous Magnesium for Cardiac Arrhythmias in Humans: A Role?      

Kwok Ho




Section F – Magnesium and Neurological Function


16        Magnesium in inflammation-associated fetal brain injury      

Christopher Wayock

            Elisabeth Nigrini

            Ernest Graham

            Michael V. Johnston

            Irina Burd


17        Magnesium and Its Interdependency with Other Cations in Acute and Chronic Stressor States           

Babatunde O. Komolafe, MD

            M. Usman Khan, MD

            Rami N. Khouzam, MD

            Dwight A. Dishmon, MD

            Kevin P. Newman, MD

            Jesse E. McGee, MD

            Syamal K. Bhattacharya, PhD

            Karl T. Weber, MD


18        Magnesium and traumatic brain injury   

Renee J Turner

            Robert Vink



19        Magnesium in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage – from Bench to Bedside          

J. H. Zhang 

            Jack Hou


20        Alcohol and Magnesium   

Teresa Kokot


            Małgorzata Muc-Wierzgoń

            Elżbieta Grochowska-Niedworok