The Centrosome
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The Centrosome

Cell and Molecular Mechanisms of Functions and Dysfunctions in Disease
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Heide Schatten
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Heide Schatten is Professor at the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. She is a cell biologist with research focused on cytoskeletal regulation in various cell systems and on cytoskeletal dysfunctions of the centrosome-microtubule complex that play a role in disease such as cancer and in disorders such as infertility and other reproductive disorders.
She received her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the Karl-Ruprecht University in Heidelberg, Germany, and performed her Ph.D. research studies at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. She performed pre-and postdoctoral studies with Professor Daniel Mazia at the University of California, Berkeley, who introduced her to the fascinating field of centrosome biology and generated unlimited enthusiasm for centrosome research that she pursued in collaborations with Daniel Mazia and numerous colleagues in cell, molecular, and reproductive biology in the USA, Europe, China, and Latin America. She has given numerous presentations in these and other countries. Her studies also included collaborations with NASA scientists and experiments aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour to examine the effects of spaceflight on centrosome-cytoskeletal regulation during development.

Her publications include cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology, reproductive biology, microbiology, space biology, and advanced imaging methods including novel imaging techniques that she employed in close collaborations with Professor Hans Ris at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to analyze cellular structures in their three-dimensional network.
She is a member of the American Society for Cell Biology, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Microscopy Society of America. She has received numerous awards including grant awards from NASA, NIH, and NSF. She has published over 190 papers, 7 book chapters and edited several special topics journal issues and 8 books with several more in progress.
This book features a diversity of aspects on centrosome biology focused on the role of centrosomes in reproduction, cell and molecular biology of centrosomes, centrosome abnormalities in cancer, and centrosomes in various cell systems. Each section contains a variety of different subtopics written by experts in their respective fields who have contributed significant new knowledge to decipher structure and the multiple functions of this still intriguing central organelle. The chapters include comprehensive and concise reviews of key topics in the field as well as cell and molecular details that are important for the specific subtopics. Cutting edge new information is balanced with background information that is readily understandable for the newcomer and the experienced centrosome researcher alike. In addition, several articles will raise awareness of centrosomes in areas that have not yet considered centrosomes associated with disease including aspects of misguided signal transduction and several others that may find centrosomes as new targets for therapeutic intervention. The topics addressed are selected to be of interest to scientists, students, teachers, and to all who are interested in expanding their knowledge related to centrosomes. The book is intended for a large audience as a reference book on the subject.
This book surveys classic and modern aspects of centrosome research, expanding on previous topics and offering exciting new aspects of centrosome research focused on primary cilia and their dysfunctions that are implicated in numerous diseases.
Each chapter is written by experts in their fields who contributed their unique expertise in specific research fields and include cell and molecular details that are important for the specific subtopics
Centriole Duplication and Inheritance in Drosophila melanogaster.- Sperm Centrioles and their Dual Role in Flagellogenesis and Cell Cycle of the Zygote Structure, Function and Pathology.- Centrosomal Functions and Dysfunctions in Cat Spermatozoa.- Nuclear-Centrosome Relationships During Fertilization, Cell Division, Embryo Development, and in Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) Embryos.- Human Centrosomal Dynamics During Gametogenesis, Fertilization and Embryogenesis and its Impact on Fertility: Ultrastructure.- Asymmetric Centrosome Behavior in Stem Cell Divisions.- Functional Associations Between the Golgi Apparatus and the Centrosome in Mammalian Cells.- Many Pathways to Destruction: The Centrosome and its Control by and Role in Regulated Proteolysis.- Regulation of the Centrosome Cycle by Protein Degradation.- Molecular Links Between Centrosome Duplication and Other Cell Cycle Associated Events.- Regulation of Centrosomes by Cyclin-Dependent Kinases.- Disruption of Centrosome Duplication Control and Induction of Mitotic Instability by the High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Oncoproteins E6 and E7.- Centrosomes, DNA Damage and Aneuploidy.- Centrosome Regulation and Breast Cancer.- The Role of Centrosomes in Multiple Myeloma.- Centrosomal Amplification and Related Abnormalities Induced by Nucleoside Analogs.- Mechanisms and Consequences of Centrosome Clustering in Cancer Cells.- Re-Evaluation of the Neuronal Centrosome as a Generator of Microtubules for Axons and Dendrites.- Centrosomes and Cell Division in Apicomplexa.- The Centrosome Life Story in Xenopus leavis.- Role of the MTOC in T cell Effector Functions.- Thoughts on Progress in the Centrosome Field.