Creative Beading Vol. 13
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Creative Beading Vol. 13

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Bead&Button magazine
Creative Beading
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Jewelry makers in search of stitching projects love Kalmbach's Creative Beading series, back for 2018 with its 13th volume. Inside this high-quality hardcover book, beaders will find 65+ projects from the latest year of Bead&Button magazine. All the projects are designed by the magazine's contributors and editors, fully tested by the editors, and accompanied by step-by-step instructions, photos, and illustrations.
The emphasis is on bead stitching, the most popular technique among Bead&Button readers. With more than 65 projects, Creative Beading Vol. 13 features jewelry in a wide variety of colors, styles, skills, and techniques. The projects feature the tried-and-true materials beaders love — multi-hole and shaped beads, seed beads, crystals, pearls, and gemstones. Every beader will find something to love!

Creative Beading Vol. 13 includes a thorough Basics section, so beaders new to the techniques can get started quickly, and a handy index to the contributors for jewelry makers looking for a particular designer's style.
Tools & Materials

Single-Stitch Projects
Crescent rosettes necklace
Adoring arch bracelet and pendant
Arco deco necklace
Flirtatious dagger earrings
Go fish bracelet
Crystal brilliance necklace
Charmed bracelet & earrings
Autumn leaves collection
Crystalline cuff
Bead-capped pearl earrings
Cone flowers bracelet
Golden paths necklace
Encased in elegance set
Beads, buttons, & filigree
Navette necklace
Ray of light earrings
Honeycomb delight bracelet
Champagne bubble necklace
Star bright earrings
Shimmering lights ornament
Double V bracelet
Island rhythms cuff
Lush statement pendant
Fall flames rope
Feathered crescent bracelet
Twist and turn earrings
Victorian flower bracelet
Ivy trails necklace
Nautilus earrings
Pinwheel pendant
Secret treasure bracelet
Lacy flower earrings
Mandala magic earrings
Funky hearts bracelet
Rondelicious cuff
One pattern, many looks bracelet
Crescent fringe collar
Pinch me necklace

Multi-Stitch Projects
Starlight necklace
Floral bouquet earrings
Super duper donut
Peanut party bracelet
African queen necklace
Cardinal ornament
Woodland earrings
Flower sprouts bangle
Endless diamond bangles
Lotus blossom pendant
Sassy scalloped bracelet
Beautiful butterfly pendant
Pearl passion bracelet
Brilliant splendor necklace
Double diamond pendant
Loomed demi cuff
Rosette pendant
Talise pendant necklace

Other Techniques
Botanical bling necklace
Feathery scales pendant
Leather chevron bracelets
Pussy willow bouquet
Rotating rondelle bracelet
Sunset harbor earrings
Molding treasured memories
Scarab earrings