Historic North American Locomotives
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Historic North American Locomotives

An Illustrated Journey
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Ken Boyd
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Historic North American Locomotives traces the historic development of North American locomotives from the early 1800s through today. Considered a photographic book with the look and feel of fine art, 100 locomotives are profiled using descriptive text and richly detailed and colored photographic imagery. A well-researched introduction provides the reader with a historical perspective.
The author/photographer includes high-quality photographs, created through various techniques that vividly capture the distinctive features of the locomotives. From the 1805 Trevithick portable boiler to modern, high-speed locomotives such as the 2013 GE Genesis, the reader will enjoy viewing a variety of locomotives that are not usually shown together in one book.
List of Locomotives

Introduction and Historical Perspective

Early Locomotives

The Classic, Definitive American Locomotive

Steam Across America

The Golden Age of the Locomotive

Transition from Steam to Electric and Diesel

Final Advances in Steam Development

Post-War Technologies

Modern Era

List of Locomotives

Steam Waggon, Rocket, Tom Thumb, Best Friend of Charleston, DeWitt Clinton, York, John Bull, Pennsylvania Railroad No. 1, Atlantic/Andrew Jackson, Mississippi, Dorchester, Raleigh, Lafayette, Samson, John Molson, Memnon, Luraville/Suwanee River Railroad Locomotive, Pioneer, General, Texas, President Daniel Nason, Governor Leland Stanford, C. P. Huntington, Thatcher Perkins, Peppersass
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad No. 305, Minnetonka, Reno, Torch Lake, Tahoe, Edison No. 1, Ammonoosuc, Sonoma, Nevada Short Line No. 1,
Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad No. 19, Botwood Railway No. 7, Madison, Satsop Railroad Company No. 1, Black Diamond, Central of Georgia No. 349, Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railroad No. 1, Boston & Maine Railroad No. 494, Burlington Route No. 637, Queen of Speed / New York Central & Hudson River Railway No. 999, Pennsylvania Railroad No. 7002/8063, Detroit & Lima Northern Railway No. 7, Wabash Railroad No. 573 , Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway (Soo Line) No. 2645, E. E. Bigge, Illinois Central Railroad No. 790,
Sharon Steel Hoop Company No. 4 / Huntsville Railway Company No. 4, Pennsylvania Railroad No. 1223 , Southern Railway No. 630 and No. 4501, Greenbrier and Elk River Railroad / Cass Scenic Railroad No. 5, Orange Blossom Cannonball / Tavares, Eustis & Gulf Railroad No. 2, Clover Valley Railroad No. 8, Nevada – California – Oregon Railway No. 9 / Southern Pacific Railroad No. 9, Chattanooga Choo Choo, / Cincinnati Southern Railroad No. 29, Shawnigan Lake Lumber Company No. 2, Eastern Arizona Railway No. 3, Pickering Lumber Company No. 2, Wilson Locomotive No. 735 128, Cherokee Brick & Tile Company No. 1, Newfoundland Railway No. 593, Grand Canyon Railway No. 4960, Woodward Iron Company No. 38, Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad No. 480, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway No. 490,
New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (Nickel Plate Road) No. 170, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway No. 3759,
Hammond Lumber Company No. 17, Rayonier No. 2, Niagara Falls Ice Drag, Montreal Park & Island Railway / Cornwall Street Railway No. 7
Electra, Tunnel Rat / S-Motor / New York Central & Hudson River Railroad No. 113, Pennsylvania Railroad Nos. 3936 and 3937, Lock Mule, 1914 / Panama Canal Railway No. 662, Milwaukee Road No. E-2, Ingersoll-Rand Boxcab No. 90, Cornwall Electric Railway No. 17, Galloping Goose / Rio Grande Southern Railroad No. 5, Pennsylvania Railroad No. 5690, Birmingham Southern Railroad No. 82, General Pershing Zephyr / Silver Charger / Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad No. 9908, Buick Special Inspection Car M235, General Motors EMC FT Demonstrator No. 103, Pennsylvania Railroad No. 4935, Canadian Pacific Railway No. 2839, Pennsylvania Power & Light Company Locomotive No. 4094-D, Southern Pacific Railroad No. 4449, Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railroad No. 225 and Union Pacific Railroad No. 4012, Canadian National Railway No. 6213, Southern Pacific Lines No. X4294, Norfolk and Western Railway No. 611, Nickel Plate Road No. 190, Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway, No. 100, Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Railway No. 21, Chicago and Northwestern Railway No. 411, Southern Railway No. 6133 and Wabash Railroad No. 1189, The Aerotrain / “The Train of the Future” / Rock Island Railroad No. 3, Union Pacific Railroad No. X-18, Pennsylvania Railroad E-44 No. 4465 / Amtrak No. 902, New England Central, Railroad No. 3845, Norfolk Southern Railroad First Responder No. 5642, and Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado Railway No. 5101, CSX Nos. 1149 and 1144, Amtrak No. 915, BNSF No. 4002, BNSF No. 8055, Canadian National Railway No. 2104, Norfolk Southern Railway No. 7702 and Union Pacific Railroad No. 7499, Amtrak Veterans Special Commemorative No. 42, Siemens Concept