Inventive Wire Weaving
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Inventive Wire Weaving

20+ unique jewelry designs
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Susan Barzacchini
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Wire jewelry has been around for centuries and never goes out of style. Wire weaving techniques simply evolve to incorporate the newest materials and trends.
All-new Inventive Wire Weaving: 20+ Unique Jewelry Designs focuses on the timeless techniques of wire weaving, wrapping, coiling, and capturing, plus texturing metals and wire. Using these evergreen techniques, designer and instructor Susan Barzacchini showcases metal, beads, lampworked elements, cabochons, and found objects in interesting, beautiful wire jewelry. Whether they use fine silver wire or copper, jewelry makers will be able to create artistic and unique pieces they'll be proud to wear.

Each project includes clear and easy-to-understand photos and step-by-step instructions from an experienced wire weaving instructor. Styles cover a wide range of tastes, from delicate and feminine to bold and unusual, and many projects include variations for even more personalization. These artistic necklaces, pendants, earrings, and cuffs will appeal to intermediate wireworkers looking for new project ideas.
- Primary tools of the trade
- Additional bench tools
- Materials
- All about wire

Chapter 1: Techniques
- Basic Techniques
- Weaves, Coils, and Shapes

Chapter 2: Components
- Fancy ear wires
- Fancy clasp
- Beaded necklace and bail
- Neck cuff

Chapter 3: Life Balance Jewelry
- Tree of life pendant
- Namaste bracelet
- Aromatherapy necklace
- Spoon necklace
- Make a wish necklace

Chapter 4: Things that Fly and Move
- Dragonfly wire and resin pendant
- Jewel beetle earrings
- Beetle necklace
- Cicada earrings
- Snakeskin bracelet

Chapter 5: Give it Some Texture
- Patterned wire ear hoops
- Leaf pendant
- Sonoran sunrise pendant
- Ruth’s patterned earrings

Chapter 6: Unusual Items
- Colored pencil and wire pendant
- New earrings
- Glass eye wire wrap pendant

Chapter 7: All That is Beautiful
- Soldered half-drill pearl earrings
- Wire cabochon capture pendant
- Fringe earrings

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