Building Vehicles for Model Railroads
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Building Vehicles for Model Railroads

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Jeff Wilson
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On any model railroad, vehicles are important in establishing the era and location of the layout. In Building Vehicles for Model Railroads, expert modeler Jeff Wilson covers the many facets of modeling vehicles in HO scale with accuracy and realism.
• A brief guide to the evolution of prototype autos and trucks.
• Assembling plastic, metal, and resin vehicle kits.
• Adding details to modify kits and assembled models, including painting, decaling, weathering, kitbashing, scratchbuilding, and converting toys to scale models.
Chapter 1
Vehicle history and basics

Chapter 2
Plastic kits

Chapter 3
Resin and metal kits

Chapter 4
Detailing and weathering cars and trucks

Chapter 5
Converting toys to scale models

Chapter 6
Modifying and scratchbuilding truck bodies

Chapter 7
Truck loads

Chapter 8
Paint and decals

Chapter 9
Lighting vehicles

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