Jewelry Designs with CzechMates Beads
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Jewelry Designs with CzechMates Beads

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Anna Draeger
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Popular designer and teacher Anna Elizabeth Draeger offers 20+ stitching projects for incorporating CzechMates multi-hole beads into distinctive, stunning, and beautiful jewelry
Jewelry makers are hungry for projects using the new CzechMates Dimensional Beading system, innovative materials that are designed to work together as building blocks for making jewelry. Popular designer, teach, and author Anna Elizabeth Draeger offers 20+ projects and variations in Jewelry Designs with CzechMates Multi-Hole Beads, the only project book on the market that offers projects exclusively for these beads.Using lentils, daggers, tiles, bricks, triangles, and quads, Anna leads beaders through the use of these beads in lovely, accessible projects for each individual shape, then combines them in the book's final chapter, along with seed beads, pearls, and crystals. Offering uniform hole spacing and size, CzechMates are an ideal foundation for 3-dimensional designs that won't bunch, warp, or pucker. Beginners eager to try the CzechMates Dimensional Beading System will succeed quickly thanks to Anna's easy-to-follow instructions. Jewelry makers familiar with Anna's style will delight in her latest creations!
IntroductionBasics Materials Tools TechniquesProjects (3–4 projects each) SuperDuosLentilsTrianglesBricksDaggersQuads/half quadsCombination projectsAbout the AuthorAcknowledgments