Accounting and Money for Ministerial Leadership
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Accounting and Money for Ministerial Leadership

Key Practical and Theological Insights
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Nimi Wariboko
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This book will help seminary students and ministers with no training in accounting to expand their core management competency and church leadership skills to include basic issues of finance and accounting. It will also provide pastors/ministers with financial management orientation to become better leaders/managers of their churches and organizations. Specifically, this book is designed to bring pastors, ministers, and seminary students up to speed in the language of accounting and money in contemporary American society. It gives them practical resources for effective (not hands-on) management of church finances. Among others, it will offer training on basic accounting and budgeting, reading of financial reports, and elementary tax and legal issues in order to develop pastors'/students' core competency in stewardship leadership. After going through this book, most students and pastors should be able to read, exegete, and make sense of the financial reports that will be given to them by church accountants (treasurers, finance committees). This book helps pastors to understand and interpret the accounting and monetary issues of their ministries in a professional and theologically sound way.