Treasure of the Mind
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Treasure of the Mind

A Tale of Redemption
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J. Michaels
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In the late summer months of 2000, on a cool dark night in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, a seventeen year old boy was murdered by a young man he once considered his best friend. The calamity nearly crippled the boy's parents, especially the father who struggled mightily with grief, anger, and guilt. With the help of a very special elderly sage, the father of the boy struggled to survive the tragedy and recover from the heartbreaking ordeal.The story begins with the funeral of Michael's son, reveals the pain of a grief-stricken father on the verge of self-destruction, and ends with his redemption and return to a meaningful life. Michael is referred by a close friend to an elderly gentleman named Solomon. Solomon is a wise, irreverent, white-haired seer living in the small coastal village of Carlsbad, California where he teaches his own very special brand of spiritual therapy for lost souls. His office is a coffee shop and the beach where he and Michael meet and together try to find a way to recover Michael's lost life after his son's death. The relationship that develops between Michael and Solomon reaches a depth rarely found between two men.