Healing the Divide
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Healing the Divide

Recovering Christianity’s Mystic Roots
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Amos Smith
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Healing the Divide is a bold call to understand Jesus according to the earliest lineage of Christian Mystics--a call to transform our dualistic minds and heal a divided Church.
This book is a must-read if you find yourself

-frustrated by the fundamentalist and new age polarization of twenty-first-century Christianity;
-bewildered by religious pluralism;
-searching for Christianity's elusive mystic core.

Twenty-first century Christianity is in crisis, careening toward fundamentalism on the one hand and a rootless new age Christianity on the other. Twenty-first century Christianity is also reeling from the maze of religious pluralism. Smith addresses and tempers these extremes by passionately and succinctly revealing Jesus as understood by the Alexandrian mystics. The Alexandrian mystics are the most long standing lineage of early Christian mystics. Their perspective on Jesus celebrates creative tensions, tempers extremes, and reveals Christian mysticism's definitive core.