Bridging the Vernacular Gap
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Bridging the Vernacular Gap

Safeguarding Devices in English-Romanian Translation
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Monica Augustina Zhekov
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Constructing Suitable Devices for Preservation of the Young Adults' English Vernacular into the Romanian Translation of Catcall is an applied research that proposes innovative linguistics devices to assist the professional in the task of translating exceptional genera which appear in children books, including scientific extracts and mixtures of foreign words. The findings are proposed as recommendations to translators of children's literature who are expected to make informed decisions when challenged by the new features in the genre, such as Web pages, word games, reconstruction of imageries, and much more.
The task of creating each one of the six devices into Romanian is tackled step by step, taking into account the language particularities and cultural implications for both contexts. The representation of how each device contributes toward the proper incorporation of the English vernacular element into Romanian is conducted in a suitable and careful manner taking into account relevant opinions and scholarly approaches to translating children's literature. This scientific linguistic study provides innovative and effective tools for all professionals in the field.