Coffee Shop Conversations
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Coffee Shop Conversations

Evangelical Perspectives on Current Issues
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Russell Meek
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There are numerous issues in the public square confronting the Western church. While there are any number of books available on each of the topics engaged in this collection of essays--just war, family planning, rest, immigration, politics, economic recession, fair trade, and health care--there is no compact guide that approaches each of these issues from an evangelical perspective. Coffee Shop Conversations does just that. The book does not aim to address each issue exhaustively; instead, it offers an evangelical approach to these topics, with the hopes that the door will be opened for further conversation.
This book brings together the expertise of several evangelical scholars who are committed to serving the church through scholarship. The volume is therefore ideal for student ministry, Sunday school classes, small groups, and individuals interested in engaging the wider culture from a stance that is well reasoned and committed to biblical faith and practice.