What You Didn't Learn in Sunday School
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What You Didn't Learn in Sunday School

Women Who Didn't Shut Up and Sit Down
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Shawna R. B Atteberry
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In the last few years I've read rants against the evils of feminism from some of the top Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christian leaders who blame women wanting to go to work, go into ministry, and be equals to their husbands for all the social ills happening in our country. If women would just stay home divorce rates would plummet, no abortions would happen, public schools wouldn't be in trouble, and all the world's ills would come to an end.There's just one little problem: Does the Bible really say all of that?
What You Didn't Learn in Sunday School will introduce you to women in the Bible who:
Were religious leaders.
Disobeyed their husbands to obey Godde.
Had careers.
Made their own decisions.
And guess what? The world did not end.
Eight verses have been used to make women second-class citizens, and at times, virtual slaves to their husbands. The rest of the Bible is full of stories of strong women who led their families, their people, and their countries.