Wednesday Wonderings
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Wednesday Wonderings

Spiritual Journaling Through a Lens
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Gary E. Nelson
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God seeks our attention and relationship in so many ways. Figuring out how to notice, listen, and respond to God as we move through the daily exercises of our life is the stuff of our spiritual journey. For centuries we have practiced and shared some of our favorite and most fulfilling methods for relating with God and allowing that partnership to inform and transform our lives. Some methods work better than others. Probably the best for each of us are ones we tailor to meet our individual needs.
In Wednesday Wonderings Gary Nelson invites the reader into his own spiritual journey through the lens of the camera he carries with him. He has experimented with many methods and discovered that the camera lens often provides him one of the best means to notice, listen, and respond to God. The camera offers the opportunity to wonder about life lived in relationship with God and others. Through the process this pastor and pastoral counselor's devotions, called Wednesday Wonderings, offer helpful insights for life and an invitation for all of us to find our own means to wonder.