Easy Classic Casseroles
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Easy Classic Casseroles

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Keep It Simple
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More than 400 easy classic casseroles, along with loads of mouth-watering photos!
How often do you find yourself wondering “What's for dinner?” It's a snap to ease the hustle and bustle of everyday meal making with Easy Classic Casseroles cookbook. Jam-packed with recipes for every occasion, Easy Classic Casseroles cookbook is absolutely brimming with fresh ideas.

With 5 big chapters to browse, and plenty of mouth-watering photos, finding a recipe to fix on-the-fly is easy. All the classic casseroles you're looking for are here, like Classic Green Bean Casserole, Family Favorite Beef & Noodles, and Grandma's Baked Mac & Cheese. You'll also find lots of fun variations too, like Pizza Mac & Cheese, Lazy Man's Pancakes and Jalapeno Cheese Grits!

Whether you need a tasty dish to satisfy a crowd, or want to toss together a quick dinner with just a few ingredients, you'll find lots of recipes to choose from. From savory breakfast casseroles to delicious dinners, veggie-packed sides to meatless mains, this is one cookbook you'll turn to all year 'round.

Toss it together, bake it...and dinner's ready!
Breakfast & Brunch Favorites

- egg dishes, potatoes, oatmeal & French toast

Veggie Sides & Meatless Meals

- veggie-filled side dishes, fill-you-up meatless mains

Delicious Dinners

- satisfying casseroles for family dinners, comfort food classics

Quick-Fix Recipes

- 5-ingredients or less, 30-minutes or less

Recipes to Feed a Crowd

- perfect for potlucks, get-togethers, and holiday meals