Weight Watchers She Loses, He Loses
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Weight Watchers She Loses, He Loses

The Truth about Men, Women, and Weight Loss
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Karen Miller-Kovach
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She loses, he loses . . . and everybody wins!

There's no doubt about it—when couples embark on a weight-loss program together, they improve their chance of success. Now Weight Watchers, the world's leader in providing weight-loss information, services, and support, presents this practical guide specifically designed to help women and men work together to lose weight and keep it off. It explains the many differences between the sexes when it comes to weight gain and loss and helps couples overcome these differences with dependable and insightful information on:

• The weight-health connection and how the genders differ
• Male and female differences in body image
• The language of weight loss
• Why men lose weight faster than women
• Different weight-loss motivators for men and women
• Eating and exercise strategies that work best for women and men
• How best to support your partner's weight-loss efforts

Research shows that women and men who live together—from newlyweds to empty-nesters—tend to gain weight at similar times. The good news is that, working together as a team, your chances of losing those extra pounds increase. Weight Watchers She Loses, He Loses gives you the information, strategies, and insights you need to make it happen.