Sacred Fire
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Sacred Fire

The QBR 100 Essential Black Books
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Max Rodriguez
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"QBR's evolving canon is a splendid way to begin honoring black artists." -Charles Johnson, from the Foreword

"From critiques of W. E. B. Du Bois's Black Reconstruction in America to Alex Haley's Roots to Langston Hughes's The Ways of White Folks, these short, trenchant essays stimulate and challenge."-Booklist

"A celebration of black literature. . .insightful commentary."-Ebony

"A rich and surprising assortment." -American Legacy

"Delving into a book is an entertaining and edifying way to celebrate and reflect on the rich tapestry of African American history. A great way to start is with Sacred Fire: The QBR 100 Essential Black Books." -Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Capturing the full sweep of writing from the diaspora-from Africa to the Caribbean to America-Sacred Fire is a soul-stirring collection of provocative analysis on 100 works of literature that have shaped and defined black culture for over 200 years.