The Activist Cancer Patient
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The Activist Cancer Patient

How to Take Charge of Your Treatment
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Beverly Zakarian
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Improve Your Odds of Surviving Cancer

Cancer survivor Beverly Zakarian knows firsthand that you can improve your odds of surviving cancer if you take an active role in your treatment. Now, you too can discover the benefits of taking charge. After all, you and your disease are unique, and so is your path to good health. Even the most caring of doctors needs your help to determine which treatment is best for you.

With this inspiring, practical book, Beverly Zakarian gives you step-by-step guidelines that will empower you to work with your doctor and within the medical system to find the most effective treatment options. Armed with the resources in this book, you'll be able to use activist techniques to:
* Talk intelligently with your physician and make informed decisions
* Research state-of-the-art treatments
* Understand how drug trials actually work
* Discover what "experimental treatment" really means
* Search out relevant medical journals and access reliable databases
* Enlist the help of medical specialists and support groups