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Employee Surveys in Management

Theories, Tools, and Practical Applications
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Ingwer Borg
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Employee surveys are the central tool for accelerating strategic organization development. They allow managers and consultants to assess an organization on its “soft factors” such as leadership and employee engagement, leading to actions that reduce problems and turn opportunities into tangible results.
This practically oriented book details both the factors to be considered and the steps necessary for developing a successful employee survey process – from administration to action. In doing so, the authors draw upon organizational psychology and survey methodology, as well as their wide practical experience with employee surveys in North America, Europe, and multinationally.

This book not only shows how to plan and execute employee surveys, but also offers a host of models, methods, examples, and theory for what to do afterwards, including standard and nonstandard data analysis, presentations of results to top management, running workshops with managers and staff on the survey results, and planning and implementing actions. It also includes numerous practical tips and handy checklists that go far beyond simple “how-to” recipes. Rather, all recommendations are discussed so that their rationale becomes transparent and adaptations can be made to optimally fit the needs of the particular organization