Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice
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Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice

A Practical Guide for Clinicians
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Petros Levounis
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Especially helpful for clinicians who have an interest in behavior change but do not possess specialized training in addiction treatment. The study questions at the end of most chapters, accompanied by an answer guide, will help reinforce basic concepts and can be used for self-study, board or general review.

Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice teaches the reader how to use the critically important tool of motivational interviewing to promote health and well-being. Based on the theoretical framework of Miller and Rollnick, the book presents the latest models and techniques that the editors and authors have found helpful in their scholarship and clinical experience. Failure to adhere to recommended treatments is common across a wide range of illnesses -- from medical problems, such as hypertension or management of cardiovascular risk factors, to psychiatric disorders, including addiction. The methods and skills of motivational interviewing can be applied to any health behavior, be it giving up alcohol or cigarettes, taking medication for hypertension or high cholesterol, or changing dietary and exercise habits. Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice has many useful features: • The book is organized along the four processes of motivational interviewing -- engaging, focusing, evoking, and planning -- which provides a consistent framework for enhanced understanding.• The authors include numerous case examples with extensive illustrations of clinical dialogue that will be invaluable to both novices and experts.• The book explores the integration of motivational interviewing with other psychotherapies and the use of motivational interviewing with psychopharmacology.• The authors also address special topics such as motivational interviewing in a diverse society and the teaching of motivational interviewing.• Key points, references, and multiple-choice examination questions, along with explanations of the correct answers, are provided, as well as numerous clinical tools and summary tables to bring the material to life.• For those looking for a quick general or board review on the topic, the multiple choice questions and answers are collected together in a special section for easy access, self-study, and review.• Medical students new to motivational interviewing provide reflections on each chapter, focusing readers on the material deemed by their peers to be most useful to them in the future.

Written for busy clinicians without specialized knowledge or expertise in behavior change, Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice provides straightforward, practical suggestions for working effectively with patients who suffer from substance use and other psychiatric disorders.

ContributorsPrefacePart 1: Getting Ready to Use Motivational InterviewingChapter 1. Motivational Interviewing in Addiction TreatmentChapter 2. Fundamentals of Motivational InterviewingChapter 3. EngagingChapter 4. FocusingChapter 5. EvokingChapter 6. PlanningPart 2: Getting Good at Motivational InterviewingChapter 7. Integrating Motivational Interviewing With Other PsychotherapiesChapter 8. Motivational Interviewing and Pharmacotherapy Chapter 9. Motivational Interviewing in a Diverse Society Part 3: Getting Advanced Knowledge in Motivational InterviewingChapter 10. Teaching Motivational InterviewingChapter 11. Motivational Interviewing in Administration, Management, and LeadershipChapter 12. The Science of Motivational InterviewingAppendix 1: Key Concepts in Motivation and Change Appendix 2: Answer Guide to Study QuestionsIndex