Study Guide to Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry
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Study Guide to Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry

A Case Approach
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Robert M. McCarron
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The newly published Guide employs a case-based approach designed to help readers master the most critically important material in the primary text. The guide's organization reflects the text's structure, allowing readers to use it concurrently, to check comprehension, or to test their knowledge after completing the text.

Study Guide to Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry: A Case Approach is an indispensable companion to Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry: A Practical Guide for Clinicians. Like the primary text, the study guide was written by experts in the field -- many with dual training in psychiatry and medicine -- and it reflects the text's focus on clinical care for psychiatrists and other mental health care providers who work in outpatient mental health and integrated clinics. It is critical that mental health providers and trainees learn how to prevent and detect common medical conditions in their patients, who typically have higher rates of adverse health risk behaviors and may lack a primary care physician. Through the deft use of clinical cases, the study guide helps providers and trainees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to view the patient holistically and improve outcomes.

The study guide's authors employ effective organizational strategies and pedagogic features to achieve these objectives: • The study guide's structure mirrors that of the primary text, with eight, multi-chapter sections authored by a team of leading experts in the respective areas. Chapter content is embodied in a series of clinical cases, each of which is followed by several multiple-choice questions, allowing readers to test their knowledge of the material. • In the answer guide, the correct answer to each question is presented, along with an explanation and the corresponding page numbers from the primary text where more complete coverage can be found. This cross-referencing allows readers to contextualize the question and answer and provides them with the opportunity to consolidate their learning of important information.• The original cases are well written and compelling, offering readers a level of detail and complexity that is both realistic and illustrative of key concepts in prevention, assessment, and treatment.• In all, the study guide offers 93 cases and 290 multiple-choice questions covering every chapter in the text. In addition, more than 50 tables and figures are included to summarize vital information and illustrate important ideas.

Mental health clinicians in practice or training will find Study Guide to Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry: A Case Approach an essential, evidence-based tool for learning and translating a holistic, integrated model of care into the clinical arena.�

PrefaceDedicationAcknowledgmentsPART 1: STUDY QUESTIONSSECTION I: Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry: General PrinciplesChapter 1. Medical Comorbidities and Behavioral HealthChapter 2. Fundamentals of Preventive CareChapter 3. Cultural Considerations in PsychiatryChapter 4. Preventive Medicine and Psychiatric Training ConsiderationsSECTION II: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders in the Psychiatric Patient PopulationChapter 5. Coronary Artery DiseaseChapter 6. HypertensionChapter 7. DyslipidemiaChapter 8. Tobacco DependenceChapter 9. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseSECTION III: Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders in the Psychiatric Patient PopulationChapter 10. DiabetesChapter 11. ObesityChapter 12. Metabolic SyndromeChapter 13. OsteoporosisChapter 14. Thyroid DisordersSECTION IV: Infectious Disorders in the Psychiatric Patient PopulationChapter 15. Adult ImmunizationsChapter 16. Sexually Transmitted InfectionsChapter 17. Viral HepatitisChapter 18. HIV/AIDSSECTION V: Oncological Disorders in the Psychiatric Patient PopulationChapter 19. Breast CancerChapter 20. Prostate CancerChapter 21. Lung CancerChapter 22. Colorectal CancerChapter 23. Cervical CancerChapter 24. Skin CancersSECTION VI: Geriatric Preventive CareChapter 25. Geriatric Preventive CareSECTION VII: Child and Adolescent Preventive CareChapter 26. Child and Adolescent Preventive CareSECTION VIII: Pain Medicine in the Psychiatric Patient PopulationChapter 27. Pain MedicinePART 2: ANSWER GUIDE