Under Their Wings
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Under Their Wings

A Daring Adventure Mentoring Girls
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Patty Lou Hawks
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Under Their Wings is an inspiring guidebook for an ideal mother-daughter relationship. Loaded with helpful guidance to structure girl’s character development, this book walks through growing pains and provides the inspiration to live a courageous life. The author is one of Girl Scout’s most successful troop leaders and shares her secrets for mentoring her girls.
Take an epic journey based on the true life story of a Girl Scout troop leader and her daughter. As one of the Girl Scout’s most successful troop leaders, the author guides you through inspirational life stories about an amazing group of young women. She lends meaning to real character development, shares how growing pains can create powerful learning moments and how this group of girls found true purpose while having fun.
The story begins with the author who is reluctantly drafted into Troop Leadership, surrounded by the demands of a busy family life and career. But as her work begins, the author finds joy and fulfillment by leading her girls through wild adventures and real-life struggles.

The nostalgic stories are interwoven with girl escapades, rites of passage, and learning about life with a purpose through their eyes, staged in a small beach town on the island of Ohau.

Take a heartwarming journey and see where this adventure leads you.