Sell it Today, Sell it Now
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Sell it Today, Sell it Now

Mastering the Art of the One-Call Close
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Tom Hopkins
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Sell it Today, Sell it Now is the authoritative resource by America’s #1 sale trainer Tom Hopkins on closing sales in less steps. This book is designed to coach salespeople on the techniques to close sales using an unprecedented one-call system. The author has trained hundreds of thousands of successful salespeople using this system to generate 6-digit income in the sales profession. Sales Managers and CEOs are fans of implementing this system to generate more revenues in less time.

Have you discovered the power of the one-call close? Sell it Today, Sell it Now by sales champion, Tom Hopkins, is your ultimate reference guide to planning and perfecting the art of one-call closing. Whether you are an established sales professional with a long track record of achievement or a newcomer yet to make that first sale, you will learn why hundreds of thousands of salespeople use this book as a resource for new techniques and surprising insights.

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Employ the 15 keys of overcoming objections
  • Overcome your fear of closing
  • Manage the 4 concepts that control all sales
  • Let your customers answer their own objections
  • Master the art of the one-call close

Once you get a taste of this easy-going, soft-selling, results-only-system, you’ll absolutely love it and never want to sell any other way. This step-by-step sales training book holds the key to your successful sales career.