The Screen Saver

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Christine Willson
94 g
216x140x3 mm

A true story of my marriage. I married a guy who my parents would have considered outside my league. He was different but willing to grow in the direction I was going with my professional and family life. After years of supporting him and business abroad for our future with two kids, I found out he had relinquished my rights to joint property investments. I was blinded by the fact that all he wanted was to use my family and their network of friends to advance his business abroad. After he got caught for fraudulently removing my name from investment documents, he cheated with someone close to home to make things worse. I finally decided I deserved better and moved out of our family home with my children. Some of the very people I called friends were the worst judges.Whether it's our personal lives, our relationships, our finances, or our careers, life rarely goes swimmingly for a long period of time. We will approach stormy waters, but whatever comes our way, I have learned it's how we handle or face the storm that matters. Making changes to get us through to calm waters is imperative. I hope this book will not only appeal to women in relationships but also act as an eye-opener for everyone to form better relationships.