God Made Me Special, Just Like You!

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Nicki Olin
104 g
216x216x2 mm

Nicki grew up in a small town in Michigan and now lives there with her family. She met her wonderful husband Tim, and they were blessed with 3 amazing daughters, Brooklyn, Madison and Hope. Nicki is a stay at home mom and enjoys every minute of her time spent with her family. She wrote this book to help her daughter get through a rough time with her peers at school. The response to this book has been overwhelming! Everyone that has read her story has urged her to publish so that this book would be available to help so many more children!
God Made Me Special, Just Like You! is an inspiring story about a little girl born with limb differences. Using fun photos and playful rhyming it is appealing to children and a wonderful teaching tool for parents and teachers. This book was written to help children and adults alike understand that not all people are made the same on the outside, but on the inside we are the same. People tend to shy away from things they don't understand. To be teased or ignored is very painful for a child that just wants to be treated like any other child. So next time you see someone that isn't the same as you, don't pity them or ignore them or make fun of them. Talk to them. It might just be the best conversation you will ever have! God made all of us special, be proud of who you are!