Rising Above the Madness
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Rising Above the Madness

Profiles of the Greatest NCAA Basketball Coaches of All Time
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Laura Amato
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THE MEN WHO MADE MARCHFrom its humble beginnings in 1895 to its modern-day dominance over American culture for the entire month of March, college basketball is often called madness and is well-deserving of the title. Most NCAA basketball coaches fail; however, the special few profiled in this book didn't just succeed where others failed, they influenced the game; changed it; and altered its very course. The ten men featured in this anthology went about coaching differently, each bringing their own approach and mindset to the hardwood, and their success is unprecedented:John Wooden (UCLA) Bobby Knight (Indiana University) Adolph Rupp (University of Kentucky) Dean Smith (University of North Carolina) Phog Allen (University of Kansas) Mike Krzyzewski (Duke University) Jerry Tarkanian (UNLV) Jim Boeheim (Syracuse University) Lou Carnesecca (St. John's University) Jim Calhoun (University of Connecticut)
The Big Dance. Where legends are made.

Every March, there are Cinderella stories, buzzer-beating prayers, unbelievable upsets, amazing championship runs and general sports madness. Then it all happens again the next March. The players change, the schools change, the champions change. But year after year, the legendary coaches remain.

These are the leaders who define the traditions and excellence of NCAA basketball. They are bigger than the game on the court. They take young players who are fresh out of high school and mold them into men. Then they mold those individuals into a team and turn teams into champions.

Rising Above the Madness examines all aspects of these successful coaches, from their personal background and start in basketball to recaps of their greatest games and championship teams. The book features ten profiles of the most well-known names in college basketball including Mike Krzyzewski (Duke), Lou Carnesecca (St. John’s), the legendary John Wooden (UCLA), and many more.

Perfect for any NCAA college grad or basketball fanatic, this ultimate collection offers a look into some of the best minds the hoops world has ever seen.