The Wild Game Smoker and Grill Cookbook
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The Wild Game Smoker and Grill Cookbook

Sensational Recipes and BBQ Techniques for Mouth-Watering Deer, Elk, Turkey, Pheasant, Duck and More
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Kindi Lantz
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CAN'T-MISS RECIPES FOR ANY WILD GAMEPacked full of delicious dishes that feature grilled and smoked meats, this unique cookbook is a must-have for any hunter. Whether you are using a classic charcoal grill, handy electric smoker, versatile wood pellet smoker or even a backyard smokehouse, author Kindi Lantz provides everything from heat-control techniques and smoker tricks to perfect wood chip pairings and the best rubs, marinades and sauces.This book offers a collection of simple, step-by-step recipes that bring out the natural flavor of your wild game, including:Cherry Glazed Whole Smoked PheasantAsian Broccoli & Pronghorn Steak SaladBlueberry and Brie Infused Bear BurgersSmoked Duck with Berry Cabernet SauceGrilled Nacho Bites with Seasoned AntelopeCoconut Milk Bison Satay with Peanut SauceChar-Grilled Venison Tacos with Mango SalsaWild Turkey & Wild Mushroom SausageHickory-Smoked Maple RabbitSmoked Cider Braised Quail
Tips, tricks, and techniques for using a smoker or bbq grill to enhance the natural flavor of your wild game

Including everything from heat control basics and perfect wood chip pairings to seasoning ideas and smoker secrets, this unique cookbook is a must have for every hunter. Wild game includes some of the most sustainably harvested and healthy meats in the world and their robust flavors make them exceptional choices for grilling and smoking.

Kindi Lantz combined her culinary artistry with ancient cooking methods to develop sensational smoked and grilled wild game recipes that stray from the norm. This impressive culmination of deer, elk, antelope, bear, rabbit, duck, goose, pheasant, and other game recipes will inspire culinary mastery, providing simple, step-by-step instructions for creating mouth-watering dishes.