Baking Magic with Aquafaba
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Baking Magic with Aquafaba

Transform Your Favorite Vegan Treats with the Revolutionary New Egg Substitute
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Kelsey Kinser
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Aquafaba, also known as “bean water,” has revolutionized the vegan baking scene as the most effective and delicious egg-white substitute. Never before have vegans been able to enjoy light and fluffy treats like meringues and macarons, but with this book those baking recipes and more are finally within reach.
Delicious egg-free baked goods using aquafaba

Move over tofu, there’s a miraculous new egg replacement in town! With baking properties so amazing it can create fluffy quiche and light meringue, aquafaba is the breakthrough ingredient that will revolutionize your vegan baking.

Baking Magic with Aquafaba offers up recipes for creamy sweet treats and rich savory dishes, such as:

• Key Lime Mousse
• Chocolate Pirouette Cookies
• Lemon Meringue Pie
• Birthday Cake Waffles
• Pistachio Macarons
• Sponge Cake
• Rocky Road Ice Cream
• Cranberry Orange Scones
• Pesto Flatbread
• Baked “Mozzarella” Sticks
• Hollandaise Sauce
• Garlic Aioli

This cruelty-free ingredient is as versatile as it is tasty. It can be whipped into cakes, pie fillings, delicious icings and used as a fat substitute for butters, aiolis and cheeses, without sacrificing texture or flavor.