Being Japanese American
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Being Japanese American

A JA Sourcebook for Nikkei, Hapa . . . & Their Friends
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Gil Asakawa
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A celebration of Japanese American culture: facts, recipes, songs, words, and memories that every Japanese American will want to share.

This entertaining compendium is a celebration of Japanese American history and heritage. While detailing favorite foods, customs, words, games, and holidays, it explores the painful history of immigration and WWII internment, with suggestions for connecting to your Japanese American community and passing on traditions across generations and into intermarried families. This revised edition has fresh interviews with Japanese Americans about their life experiences and explores contemporary Japanese pop culture like anime and J-pop, with information on traveling to visit your Japanese roots and lists of resources on the Web and social media.

Gil Asakawa lives in Denver, Colorado, and is a nationally known journalist, editor, author, speaker, and blogger focusing on Japanese and Asian American issues.

Contents (1st Edition)

Introduction vii

Part I: JAs Yesterday

1 Where Did We Come From?

Paving the way • Here to stay • The camps • Fighting for a place in society • Speaking out • Redress

2 Memories of Home

Games • Crafting a culture • Musical roots • Spiritual roots

3 Customs

Turning Japanese • The gift of giving • Celebrations • The rules of death • Rules of etiquette • Values—good and bad

4 Food

What’s “authentic” Japanese food? • Ramen • Rice • JA specialties • Mochi and the special foods of New Year • Mochi madness • Recipes you can try

5 Language

Typically Japanese—and therefore JA • Growing up in a bilingual household • It’s my name; please don’t mangle it • Learning Japanese

Part II: JAs Today

6 It’s Hip to Be Japanese!

The power of anime • The man in the lizard suit • Ameri-kana • Hai! Karate • The sporting life • J-pop and the sound of young Japan • On the silver screen • JA lit • On the cutting edge

7 JA Communities

Japantowns • Community organizations • Community without J-towns • Church life, newspapers, and the Wonder Years • Nikkei, not just JA • Japanese Canadians, eh

8 Scrapbooking Your History

Photos, postcards, and other memorabilia • Climbing the Japanese family tree • Immigration records • Researching internment history • Recording your family history • Preserving your family’s legacy

9 Homeward Bound

Strangers in a familiar land • Ways to go • Getting young people to Japan • Tips for your trip
Part III: JAs Tomorrow

10 APA, Not Just JA

Pan-Asian, not pan-Oriental • Rugs are Oriental; we’re Asian • The rise of Yellow Power • A better tomorrow for APAs on screen • An apology at last • Our work’s not done • Building bridges in a post-/ world

Part IV: Resources

Organizations • Sites about Japan • Japanese culture • Genealogy • Hapa issues • Internment resources • JA/Nikkei/APA sites • Shopping • Travel to Japan • Books • Films and videos